Best Fashion Picks For Your Wardrobe Capsule

Best Fashion Picks For Your Wardrobe Capsule

Best Fashion Picks For Your Wardrobe Capsule


Back with another blogpost like we never left. Do you ever say to yourself I have nothing to wear, even though your closet may be full of clothes? Believe us, we’ve been there and it’s overwhelming to have a closet filled with clothes and still confused on what to wear. Let’s ease your burden and make dressing up hassle free.

This blogpost is a complete guide to building your very own wardrobe capsule fashioned to your taste. Isn’t that sweet of us?😊 All these are a collection of clothing composed of thoughtfully picked looks from DOS Clothing Company and allows you to create a variety of different looks with a limited selection of clothes.

The picks will be from our niche collection featuring Dresses, Corporate, Heritage, Zuki, and Matching sets. Let’s get into it:



‘You can have anything you want in life if you dress for it’. Dresses are a wardrobe essential and is the right piece to play dress up in because of its versatility. You can style up or down if you have a staple dress in your wardrobe. When it comes to versatility, black dresses take the crown just like our Tyler Feather Bandage Dress. It features a strapless yet cinched silhouette, breathable material and lush ostrich feathers at the hem. Perfect for all occasions such as weddings, brunch, date night or even your workplace social events. Accessorize to your preference.



Buying work pieces can be tricky to shop for but we got you😉. When shopping for work, be on the lookout for simple yet classy outfits that can be worn multiple times without it wearing or tearing. The safest bet is a dress that makes you move around with ease. The April dress from our Corporate collection ticks all the boxes. Featuring a modest v-neckline along with its calf length structure, dressing for work becomes an easy task.



An essential part of everyone’s wardrobe should be an outfit that screams rich but laid back aunty vibes. Opt for a piece that’s free, flowy and comfy, the Heritage collection is filled with a lot of options you can choose from. The Ariella Kaftan features a luxury embroidered design and free flow silhouette. Add this to your wardrobe because it is a timeless piece.



Looking for a look that elevates your wardrobe? Then a piece from our Zuki collection is something you need. It equips you with a sophisticated piece that makes your wardrobe capsule complete. Check out the Halimah Zuki dress which isn’t only elegant but also adds a pop of color to your wardrobe.



Matching sets are the most versatile pieces to style so you need to create space for it in your wardrobe. You can wear the pieces together or style them differently. The Kira skirt set is a right addition featuring a floral pattern, tiered skirt and selt tie crop top, style pieces together or seperately.

If you follow these picks, we are sure you will find more happiness in getting dressed every day. You can diversify by exploring more styles from DOS Clothing Company to create a timeless wardrobe capsule just for you.