Top Fashion Trends To Look Out For In Nigeria

Top Fashion Trends To Look Out For In Nigeria

Top Fashion Trends To Look Out For In Nigeria

The Nigerian fashion scene has been garnering a lot of buzzes which has led to it being a front runner in contemporary fashion in the world today. Fashion influencers and fanatics have adjusted to the trending styles and trends year in year out. The year 2020 is already underway so we have turned our attention to the top fashion trends to look out for.

DOS Clothing Company caters to women’s fashion needs and it is a one-stop to find all top trends in female fashion in Nigeria right now. Our collection cuts across the diverse trends that are rave-worthy in 2020. Here we present the top 5 fashion trends to look out for in Nigeria.

1. We offer a wide variety of dresses for women ranging from little black dresses, maxi gowns, chic and Haute dresses in different shapes, sizes, and designs. Shopping for dresses online has become easier with our user-friendly women clothing store Lagos.

2. Another trend storming the 2020 fashion scene is organza tops with embroidery and fringe tops. This is available in varieties in our tops for women. Women tops ranging from shirts, hoodies, camisoles, jackets to blazers are all available to choose from.

3. Crinkle palazzos, edgy shorts, and asymmetrical skirts are the few among women bottom wears that are generating buzz in the Nigerian fashion scene. Bottom wear moved from the normal form-fitting skirts and trousers to edgier looks to suit different tastes.

4. Fashion trends will be incomplete without mentioning matching sets, they are the yin to the yang of fashion trends year in year out. Dos Clothing Company offers them in varieties from two-piece sets to three-piece outfits. These pieces add life to your closet with it coming in different textures, styles, colors, and designs.

5. African print is the undisputed champion of fashion trends year in year out and it is not changing for a long time. Here at DOS, we have successfully incorporated contemporary designs into traditional outfits. From our Ankara pieces to adire patterned prints, we have carved a niche of using vibrant twists in traditional Nigerian clothing. This is evident with our Heritage collection where a wide array of clothing is made using locally sourced materials.

 These are the top fashion trends to look out for in Nigeria and DOS Clothing Company seamlessly provides them both in-store and online.